The Talking Bee is an effort to bring food reviews together and share it with all the foodies who seek to try something new or different. Started in May 2016 , its a very recent initiative and its ever so growing ( Thank you guys )

The most important part of this Organic Blog is the simple language used that’s easy for the readers.

The Talking Bee mainly talks about food and beverages in the city , Mumbai. However when The Talking Bee Travels there are reviews from the travel tales.

About the Blogger –Sneha Dalvi

Someone who loves to talk and well , EAT !

A travel professional based in Mumbai. Loves the strolls on the streets and wandering to new places.

A dreamer & believer.

Her interest in travel has eventually led to an immense fondness for food. Always game to sample different cuisines & eateries. She absolutely loves food , Beer & Wine. ( She considers eating as a full fledged hobby). A movie buff. Romedy is her favorite genre when it comes to movies. But mostly ends up watching everything from Bollywood to Action, Drama and even Documentaries.

Crazy for good music. Acoustic music is her thing ❤

A party animal . An avid traveler, hence the travel takes her to different places letting her sample street food of local ‘gullies ‘as well as gourmet food of fancy luxury hotels.

Zomato reviews & followers have encouraged her to pen down own blog.

So , here it is The Talking Bee !

Happy reading everyone 🙂


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